Sara Swenson's most recent release "I Won't Let You Feel Alone" (2021) embodies why she makes music - to bring people in and remind them of our shared humanity. In this song, as well as her others, you'll find yourself in the company an old friend.

Originally Swenson was the high school English teacher who stumbled into a music career. Several albums and TV placements later, her work speaks for itself. Known for her warm, velvety outpouring, she uses her stripped down live sets to protect the space where her voice and lyrics steal the show. 

Swenson’s successes include songs featured on the prime time American drama “Private Practice” (ABC), period drama "Reign" (CW) and Canada's "Hello Goodbye" (CBC). She has performed opening sets for major artists such as Jakob Dylan, Katie Herzig, Gregory Alan Isakov, Peter Bradley Adams, and the Lilith Fair (with McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, Ingrid Michaelson and others.) She’s been voted Singer-Songwriter of the Year twice in Kansas City and has toured in several major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Her previous projects include a full-length record "Runway Lights" (2014) and an EP with her band, The Pearl Snaps, released in November 2011 (“Never Left My Mind.”) Her other two full-length projects, “All Things Big and Small” (2010) and “Sara Swenson” (2008), have been widely loved and critically acclaimed.