From the recording Runway Lights

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Welcome To The Family
From the album Runway Lights
© 2014 S. Swenson Songs
Written and performed by Sara Swenson

People dance how they learned when they were innocent
They move how they know
Nobody sets out to waltz to the riverbed
And tie their happiness to a stone

You can come and sit down now
We won’t ask about the dust on your shoes
But you can dig in your bag for jokes
While we tie up the balloons

Welcome to the family
We’re all trying to get by
Welcome to the family
We’re all trying

We don’t always put our hats on just right
Any claim that we are perfect is a bluff
And we’re stronger than our crooked bones suggest
But a man who roams alone is not enough

We’ll pull you out of bed if you’re sad in the morning
And look after you through stumbles and breaks
And we will press our hands to your heart
To warm all your wrongs and aches


The richest songs are not made from stepping easy
But the dark walks build your melody
Oh, you brave souls holding broken mirrors
Let us show you the magic that we see