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  1. Runway Lights

From the recording Runway Lights

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Runway Lights
From the album Runway Lights
© 2014 S. Swenson Songs
Written and performed by Sara Swenson

Maybe this is crazy
Maybe this really won’t work at all
Maybe there’s no other way than for us to fall

Maybe this will burn us
Maybe this is fire in our hands
But maybe the heat will keep us warm until we land

Spinning over oceans holding hearts in our hands
Reaching through heavy stars
Either we make it through the evening and open our eyes
Or the runway lights were never ours

This is what we’re made of
Right now it’s shaky line we’ve drawn
But maybe we can get it right before it’s all gone

So maybe happy endings
Maybe we just breathe and trust
And maybe the risk will be worth all it took of us


Say you’re still with me
That I’m no fool for hanging on
‘Cause, oh, we’re in this now
Whichever way we come down
Until we come down
Until we come down