1. Drifting Man

From the recording Runway Lights

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Drifting Man
From the album Runway Lights
© 2014 S. Swenson Songs
Written and performed by Sara Swenson

Oh, oh, oh…

I know you’re a drifting man
Off with a tic of the second hand
Pack your passion and leave your plans

You carry those bags all on your own
Never set ‘em down ‘cause you’re never at home
Always surrounded but always alone

Stay … until tomorrow
Stay … once more
Stay … over and over
I never want you to go
I never want you to go

I know you’re a drifting man
Your countdown copies the second hand
You take your exit to keep your plan

But hey now, it doesn’t have to be like that
You can stop right now and not look back
You can have my heart and hang your hat

CHORUS (repeat)