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Runway Lights (2014) 

"A lovely collection of anthems, ballads and hymns that changes moods consistently, especially when the horns make an appearance, but sustains a soulful, mesmeric vibe throughout." - Timothy Finn, The Kansas City Star / Back to Rockville

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"On her latest album, Runway Lights, a lot of what Swenson is trying to communicate comes across in big, sweeping arrangements. These songs are rich and varied, with lush, bedroom-y synths, bighearted horns and soul elements. Swenson's voice is a versatile instrument, one she can push to a delicate, flickering falsetto ("Sometimes I Hold You") or keep at a playful soprano ("Good Boys Win")." - Natalie Gallagher, The Pitch

"I'm three times through it and I love it ... This album feels like a really good story." - Chris Haghirian, Middle of the Map Fest, INK Magazine, KC Star

"It's smooth, it's mega well produced, like a crafted Irish whiskey or a blacksmith's hammer." - Andrew Farmer, Sons of Caliber

"Effortlessly cool. Runway Lights is almost hypnotic, and Sara Swenson is the real deal." - Ciaran Lavery, singer-songwriter

"Her ideas for the shape and sound of the album are ambitious, but grounded in real emotions, and real purpose...She's a regular engine of profound, emotional art." - Don Chaffer, ProducerWaterdeep
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